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What do we stand for
Easy to understand, simple solutions.
To ensure that all Australian Government Agencies use electronic solutions for their Asset Management.
How do we achieve this?
By travelling to councils, meeting fleet-coordinators and asset coordinators, explaining developments and subsequently providing easy to understand, simple software solutions for their needs.
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Why Us?


In 2011, Shai Bedarkar was asked a question by one of the users. 

"Shai, how many people do you see on this shop floor?"

This was an admin lady Shai was training on the day.

The lady continued on "There is no one, except me. Your software may work in an office but not on this shop floor, because I do 3 peoples job"

This was when Shai used to create software systems that were probably good as a technological achievement, but did not mean much to the trainee lady that day.

It was a penny drop moment for Shai and so was established the concept of LGACloud is an Asset Management Software house. LGACloud was established in the year 2011 with a mission to simplify systems. To make things simple.

A system needs to be usable by any one. Right from the ground staff to the CEO, everyone should find it easy to use, and in the long run it needs to be easy to manage. At the time, back in 2011, this wasn't the case.


That is the 'Why' of the company. LGACloud was established to be a genuinely simple yet a feature rich software.


We now have a system that can be used without much effort, setup quickly and can talk to complex finance systems too.

LGACloud Core Principles

Creating a software that can stand the test of time without requiring our presence is a testament to our creativity. It reflects our thinking capacity and farsight. It is our contribution to the people we serve. The end users are the judges of the system and their approval of the system and their faith in the system is what is the basis of LGACloud.


Software Development Code: Easy to Understand and Simple to Use


‘Easy to Understand and Simple to Use’ is the core guideline of the system.


The software is used by mechanics, and trades people. Their main job is not to use computers but to finish their own work in the most efficient manner. Their real work is to complete the jobs they have been given. Software is a way of assisting them to manage this work. Software is required to assist them by ensuring that the data entry requirements are minimal, simple and easy.


The mechanics and trades people have an agenda which is far from software management. In fact they can quite easily do their work even if they did not have any software to assist them.


Like fixing up a tractor in the next 2 hours before the custodian of the tractor comes in to take the it back.


Making sure that they are following up on the parts that are required from the supplier.


The above tasks make our users successful day and not software data entry.


So we avoid making complex functionalities and we avoid creating complicated processes. We create Big Colourful buttons or icons. We setup very few options on the screen and ensure that the same buttons are available on all screens.

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